My passion for cars are the DNA in my work – cars have always fascinated me deeply.

I have been emotional about photography since  my teenage days and have my own laboratory at home and met my wife at Agfa laboratories just outside Copenhagen

Always having the creative approach in my photography – so don’t expect the ordinary.

After moving to Spain on another of my life’s travels, pictures of the old and ancient centers of Europe’s cities have also got a meaningful significance for my photo work.


Being a NIKON fanatic for years, it was quite a paradigm to shift brand, but I was tired of carrying on huge SLR´s, so decided to take a new approach and researched the market for a long time.

My choice became the OLYMPUS OM-D 10 III – It’s a fantastic camera despite of small dimensions and I hope the pictures speak for itself – and on top it look’s amazing, exclusive and elegant – love it!


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